Genuine leaders know that there is wisdom in a plurality of counselors. Engaging in the Strategic Consulting services allows for a leader or a group of leaders to hear an objective and experienced voice regarding your leadership issues. Strategic Consulting gives your church, business, or institution these advantages at a fraction of the cost compared to hiring new staff. These service options are designed to provide unbiased and skilled analysis that leads to action-oriented directions in order to take your organization to the next level.

Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed. Proverbs 15:22


The rigors of leadership can be isolating for leaders. The need for life-examination and growth is constant. Coaching services implements a long-term and personal investment into the life of a leader. Regular meetings can take place in person or over the phone over the duration of a year.


Assist your church or company in maximizing gospel fruitfulness. Dan will strategically engage in a transformational review of your organization with the express purpose of advancing it in faithfulness and effectiveness. The three stage strategy moves from investigation to innovation to implementation in order to provide fresh insight and practical direction.


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