Weekend reads for leaders and preachers.

  1. The Urgency of Preaching
    Dr. Mohler addresses the question, “Has preaching fallen on hard times?”
  2. Is the Bible the Word of God?
    Preachers can never be too convinced of Scripture’s divine origin. Michael Kruger writes, “If we believe the Bible, we will believe in Jesus. But it is also true that if we believe in Jesus, we will believe the Bible.” (Ligonier)
  3. What If We Preach Like Jesus Lived?
    Dan DeWitt: “What if we preached our sermons as though we need the grace we speak of as much as everyone else, sometimes even more?”
  4. Six Big Ways Leaders Can Build Credibility
    Eric Geiger: “You cannot walk without legs, and you cannot lead without credibility. Impossible. As credibility increases, so does a leader’s ability to influence and move others in a direction.”
  5. Seven Leadership Secrets of Great Team Captains
    What characterized these great team leaders? “They were not abundantly talented,” but made “the right choices on the job—every hour, every day.”
  6. Five Things from Gates and Buffett
    Leaders, note the last item in this list: the importance of relationships.