Weekend reads for leaders and preachers.

  1. The Five C’s of Preaching
    Jared Wilson: “How do you know you’re preaching a Christian sermon and not simply giving a religious or spiritual lecture?” (TGC)
  2. Six Life-Changing Sermons
    What makes a sermon good is not the ability to recall the details of it later, but rather the feeling that God is rocking your world while you hearing it.
  3. On Preaching and Technology
    Mike Pohlman: “My theology of preaching understands the preaching exercise as nothing less than a monologue from heaven.” (Southern Equip)
  4. The Wisdom Pyramid
    Brett McCracken: “In our current epistemological crisis, where we are bombarded by a glut of content and information but have so little wisdom, I think we need guidance on healthier habits of knowledge intake.”
  5. The Leader and Self-Reliance
    A bestselling author describes how “the best boss he ever had taught him the virtues of ‘self-reliance.’” (Business Insider)
  6. How Overconfidence Can Sink Your Ship
    Overconfidence “can be ruinous for executives.” (Forbes)