Weekend reads for leaders and preachers

  1. Why Dying Churches Die
    Why do dying churches walk resolutely down the path of death?
  2. He (and They) Must Not Be a Novice
    Authority comes with humility and humility comes with time. Facts come easy, but character comes hard. (Challies)
  3. Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?
    Leaders and pastors should take heed. (The Atlantic)
  4. What Do You Want”: Pastoral Reflections on Faithfulness
    Now more than ever the church needs models of faithfulness. (9Marks)
  5. From Failure to Inspiration and Change – The Importance of Resilience
    Resilient leaders know that failure is natural, failure is necessary, and failure is an opportunity. (NYT)
  6. Leadership Styles
    Leadership styles are not something to be tried on like so many suits, to see which fits. Rather, they should be adapted to the particular demands of the situation. (WSJ)