What does love look like? Let the apostle Paul confront you with this list of attributes, consider what they entail for you, and be changed.


Doesn’t add up offenses. Love isn’t resentful. It doesn’t keep a ledger of wrongs, but chooses to forgive. Love refuses to be historical. It chooses to cover sins rather than revisit them. If you’re not willing to forgive people, you might not be a Christian. Love forgives because we’ve received a greater forgiveness than we could ever extend to others.

Doesn’t rejoice at wrongdoing. You can tell a lot about people by what they rejoice in. Love doesn’t rejoice in sin.

Rejoices in truth. Love rejoices when truth prevails and integrity stands.

Bears all things. Love has huge shoulders, built to bear burdens.

Believes all things. Love opposes cynicism and always takes the high road. It’s not gullible, but gives the benefit of the doubt whenever possible.

Hopes all things. Love hates defeat. It doesn’t despair, but has a can-do spirit. You’ve probably seen people with an unending optimism about others, willing to hope all things.

Endures all things. Love is tenacious and persistent. It has incredible resolve and fight.

All of these attributes are here to confront us and to challenge us. Don’t be discouraged, you’re enabled by the love of Christ to love others this way. You will love imperfectly, but you must love nonetheless.

Love is God’s best, and it’s got to be our best.