Weekend reads for leaders and preachers.

  1. Exegeting Your Congregants – A shepherd who is mindful of his congregants will become skillful in bringing God’s Word to bear in the lives of their flock. (Preaching Today)
  2. When America Was Most Innovative, and Why – An intriguing read on the history of innovation in the US. Leaders are innovators. (Harvard Business Review)
  3. Preaching Christ From the Epistles – “You want them thinking, ‘Goodness, what a remarkable Savior! I can think of no better thing than following this Lord!’” (Preaching Source)
  4. How Warren Buffett Built a Massive Base of Superfans – Leaders create ownership among their followers. (Inc.)
  5. Impossible to Believe — Preaching in a Secular Culture – “We need to recognize we are not preaching to people who hear us in the same way as previous generations in Western societies.” (Albert Mohler)
  6. University of Texas at Austin Commencement Address – Save this video and watch it annually. (Admiral William H. McRaven)

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