Weekend reads for leaders and preachers.

  1. The Leadership Crisis at Uber – Your leadership must be driven by your values & conviction. (Forbes)
  2. What Preachers Can Learn from George Whitefield’s First Sermon – “Untold millions in America today believe that moral living and occasional church attendance will please God at the last day. George Whitefield made it clear how deceptive this mindset can be.” (9 Marks)
  3. The Importance of Staying Curious in Bible Study – Faithful preachers possess a terminal curiousity in Bible study. (Tim Challies)
  4. Awake, O Sleeper: Three Suggestions for Sermon Application – “Let application be constant. Let elbowing be rare.” (Desiring God)
  5. American Evangelicals Need Leaders Like Russell Moore – Convictional leadership stays the course amidst cultural pressures. (Christ & Pop Culture)
  6. Preach Holiness, For We Are Not Frightened Enough – Pursue holiness, without which no one will see the Lord. Hebrews 12:14 (Southern Equip)

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