Weekend reads for leaders and preachers. 

  1. The 30-Second Suit Quality Test – “A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.” Oscar Wilde. Leaders dress well. Check out this quick guide to finding a high quality suit. (The Art of Manliness)
  2. 3 Ways Leaders Become Better Readers – We say it all the time: “Leaders Are Readers” But sometimes reading can get you into trouble. Here are 3 ways to read better. (Griddiron)
  3. 3 Marital Musts – Leaders are called to love their wives like Christ loved the church. Matt Chandler outlines three practical ways to do this. (Lifeway)
  4. You Love Ministry More Than God If… – “Because ministry is thrilling, it can be addictive. Because affirmations exist, we can long for more and more of them. We can, if we are not careful, love ministry more than the God who equipped us for it.” (Eric Geiger)
  5. 4 Reasons to Preach Christ from the Old Testament – Preachers are called to preach the whole counsel of God. Here’s a quick reminder of why you should preach Christ from the Old Testament. (For the Church)
  6. Preacher, Stop Talking About God – “Faithful preachers do not merely talk abstractly about God in their sermons. Faithful preachers unapologetically communicate the voice of the chief Shepherd to his sheep through preaching.” (Prince on Preaching)

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