Weekend Reads for Leaders and Preachers

  1. Preaching and Living Out the Gospel, Even When It’s Costly – “I admit I roll my eyes at all the whining in the Western Church about being persecuted when we’re experiencing only a tiny taste of what God’s people have always faced.” (Randy Alcorn)
  2. How Nike Became A Fashion Powerhouse – Prioritizing innovation is essential for staying on the cutting edge. (Fast Company)
  3. What I Mean by Preaching – Our expositions must have the whiff of eternity throughout. Expositional exultation is essential to effective preaching(Desiring God)
  4. 7 Suggestions for Pastors When a Good Staff Member Leaves the Church – Building a strong team is essential. Ron shares some helpful thoughts on handling team transition in the church. (Ron Edmondson)
  5. Tell the Whole Truth – Charlie Dates shares a case study that will lead us all toward a healthier Biblical exposition. (Preaching Today)
  6. Treating your guest speaker with ministry excellence – Anticipation makes your hospitality stand out. Serve your guests well. (Church Central)

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