Recently I was introduced to Kory Westerhold. He’s a former Apple employee and currently works as a product designer for Twitter. As a side project, he’s also developed what’s become my favorite Bible app, NeuBible.



NeuBible has an intuitive design, and the interface is remarkably clean. The app is free of the kind of clutter that makes other Bible apps annoying and clunky. On their website Korey says that his goal was to create a sleek Bible app “that doesn’t place features ahead of
experience, is aware of how and when people use their devices, and is mindful of the fact that reading the Bible is a very personal experience.” NeuBible accomplishes just that. Kory and his co-creator stripped away a lot of the cumbersome features that inhibit user experience but left simple features like color scheme and font options. 

Currently, NeuBible is only available on iPhone, but Kory has plans to extend the app on to iPad and Android devic
es. Most major translations are available, and more are continually being added. To learn more about NeuBible, check out their w
ebsite or look it up in the app store on your mobile device.